Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work bringing BurnZombieBurn to a new device.  Now, after NVidia’s CES announcement, we can finally reveal that we are working on both an Android version of BZB and an optimised version for the Shield.  This version not only supports the controller but features more detailed geometry, better fire and full screen special effects that were only previously possible on consoles and high end PCS.  Thanks to the boffins at NVidia you will be able to experience BZB on a mobile device which is identical to a PS3 experience.

Here’s what our CEO and Lead Programmer had to say about the hardware.

“Put simply, Project SHIELD is an amazing leap forward, enabling us to create console-quality visuals previously unthinkable on a mobile platform.”

– Arden Aspinall, Chief Executive Officer and Project Lead at TickTock Games Ltd.

See link here for more details about   NVidia Shield.