Now with Multiplayer, “Z”, the classic Real Time Strategy Game just got better. Gather your grunts, and get ready for multiplayer warfare. Players on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad can now play “Z” head to head against their GameCenter buddies. Get your hands on the latest update to this classic game by visiting the iTunes store today.
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With 108 bite sized snooker challenges this title is positively packed with gameplay. Jump to the front of the ‘cue’ to be master of over one hundred challenges from the classic single shot to creating the perfect break.
Developed using the International Snooker Pro engine, Challenges retains all the critically acclaimed features of IS Pro including the unrivalled ‘slide to aim, slide to elevate’ control system, real world physics, rules and AI. With stunning visuals, this title simply knocks the ‘chalks’ off the competition.
* 108 challenges split over 12 ‘packs’.
* Famous and Historic moments in world snooker.* Against the Shot Clock.
* Positional Play.* Develop the Reds.
* Trick Shots.* Beat the Match Clock.
* Perfect Breaks.* Practice Routines.
* Snookers.* Shot Counter.
* Shooting Blind.* Single Frame matches.
* Swerve, Stun and Screw Back.
* 147 – the Reds, 147 – the Colours.
* The Perfect Break.* Classic Comebacks.

* 12 venues and 12 Trophies to win; Gold, Silver and Bronze.
* Undo Shot feature allows you to correct that hastily taken shot.
* State of the art visuals and Physics using the International Snooker 2012 engine.
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