At TickTock Games we design, develop and deliver great game titles working with a range of major clients for release across all major desktop, console and mobile platforms.

Every senior member of TickTock has over 15 years’ experience in their field, led by the team of directors – Arden Aspinall, Jonathan Wright and Paul Kelly.

We have a team of highly skilled programmers and artists working with professionals from a range of media and digital industries.

We work globally with a number of clients including Nintendo, SONY, Microsoft , Google, Apple, NVidia, Rebellion, BBC Worldwide, Humana, Funcom, Kavcom, MediaTonic and Double Eleven.



2019 Goat Simulator: The GOATY (Nintendo Switch)

2018 Battlezone Gold Edition (Nintendo Switch)
2018 Cricket Captain 2018 (Steam, Mac, iOS, Android)

2017 Rogue Trooper Redux (Steam, PS4, XB1, GOG, Nintendo Switch)
2017 Songbringer (PS4, XB1, Windows 10)
2017 Super Cloudbuilt (PS4, XB1, Steam)
2017 Cricket Captain 2017 (Steam, Mac, iOS, Android)
2017 The Metronomicon (PS4, XB1, Steam)

2016 Cricket Captain 2016 (Steam, Mac, iOS, Android)
2016 International Snooker League (Android, Kindle)
2016 International Pool (Android, Kindle)
2016 International Snooker (Kindle)
2016 Doodle Pool HD (Kindle)
2016 Snooker Challenges (Kindle)
2016 Legion Gold (Android)

2015 Worms World Party (Steam, GOG)
2015 Cricket Captain 2015 (Steam, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle)
2015 Z: Steel Soldiers (Steam, Mac, iOS, Android)
2015 International Snooker Pro (Windows Phone)
2015 Frozen Synapse Prime (iOS, Android)

2014 Lego Minifigures Online (Steam, Mac, iOS, Android)
2014 Cricket Captain 2014 (Steam, Mac, iOS, Android)
2014 Z: Steel Soldiers (Steam/Android Tegra)
2014 Z: The Game (Steam)
2014 Superfrog (Steam/Android/iOS/Mac/Linux)

2013 Superfrog (PS3/Vita)
2013 BurnZombieBurn (Project Shield with Tegra 4 Enhancements)
2013 Z: The Game(Realtime Multiplayer Edition) (iOS)
2013 BurnZombieBurn (Tegra3 Edition)
2013 Worms 2: Armageddon  (Android/Kindle) (Team 17 Ltd) – Strategy

2012 International Snooker Pro THD (Android) (MyInteractive) – Sport
2012 Cricket Captain 2012: (iOS) (MyInteractive) – Sport
2012 Top Gear Stunt School: (Playbook) (BBC World Wide) – Arcade
2012 Z: The Game (Mac/Playbook/Android) (Kavcom) – Strategy
2012 Football Director (iOS) (Sports Director) – Sport

2011 Z: The Game (iOS) (Kavcom) – Strategy
2011 MyFC 2012 (Android/Bada) (Sports Director) – Sport
2011 MonsterMouth (Android) (MediaTonic/Breaktime) – Kids
2011 BurnZombieBurn Companion App (iOS) (Kavcom) – Bespoke
2011 BurnZombieBurn (Mac) (Kavcom) – Arcade Shoot ’em up
2011 MyFC 2011 (Android) (MyInteractive) – Sport
2011 Doodle Pool HD (Android/WebOS/Playbook) (MyInteractive) – Sport
2011 Doodle Pool (Bada/Android/WP7) (MyInteractive) – Sport
2011 Power Snooker (Bada/Android) (MyInteractive) – Sport
2011 International Snooker (Bada/Android/WebOS/WP7/Playbook) (MyInteractive) – Sport
2011 MyFC Dach (iOS/Android) (MyInteractive) – Sport
2011 MyFC Celtic (iOS) (MyInteractive) – Sport

2010 MyFC 2011 (iOS) (MyInteractive) – Sport
2010 MyFC (Bada) (MyInteractive) – Sport, Launch Wave Title.
2010 MyFC (WP7) (MyInteractive/Microsoft) – Sport, Microsoft Launch Showcase Title.
2010 Donington (iOS) (360Revelations) – 360 Experience

2005-2010 FootballdotManager (Web) (Self Published) – Sport MMO

2008-2010 Blufit (Bespoke Hardware) (US Government/CobaltFlux) – Social Dance/Health and Fitness MMO

2007-2008 Dancetown (PC) (Humana/Touchtown) – Social Dance/Health and Fitness MMO