Packing in a full-fledged story mode with a colorful cast of musically-empowered heroes and villains, The Metronomicon sees you take control a party of eight new masters of the “rhythmic combat arts” to wage musical warfare against a multitude of dance-mongering fiends. Control up to four concurrent heroes as they cast powerful spells, buff their teammates, and beat down their enemies with a variety of magical loot and groovin’ dance moves. The effectiveness of your team is all in the rhythm so put on your finger-dancing pants, light up Dad’s disco ball, and prepare your body for The Metronomicon.

With rave reviews from Gaming Trend and CGMagazine, and a Metacritic score of 83, Metronomicon really is the most infectious rhythm game this year!  Out now on PS4 and XB1.

It’s great to see local young talented pupils showing an interest in the games industry – and although it’s not all glitz and glamour, we know that the passion that students have for games can continue to shine with the support of companies across our region.

We welcomed a pupil today from St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School, North Featherstone. Lily got stuck in immediately by becoming the latest game tester on Rogue Trooper Redux.  After taking out pretty much every Nort in sight with ruthless ease, we were just thankful that it wasn’t us on the battlefield having to fend her off!

After taking the tour of the office Lily saw how animations were put together with our Lead Graphic Artist Ed – getting a sneaky peek at some of our latest ideas!!

So, Lily, what do you think about making games?

“I think it’s pretty hard work to make games, but it looks exciting and maybe something I would like to do in the future!”

Now it’s time for the hard work – getting through all the school exams and being the best you can be!

Good luck!

With the most significant expansion of domestic teams in its history, Cricket Captain returns for 2017 with 130 playable domestic teams across 8 countries. It’s time for cricket fans to put their tactical expertise to the test in the number one cricket management game.

Developed in association with Jimmy Anderson, Cricket Captain 2017 features new twenty-over leagues in West Indies, South Africa, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This year’s edition also includes full West Indies and Pakistan domestic leagues.

Cricket Captain is unrivalled in cricket management simulation, and Cricket Captain 2017 improves the series once again with more statistics (including ground records and international versus records), updated interface, refined match engine, improved player generation and all the attention to detail that is the trademark of the series.

Out now on Steam and Android, iOS and Mac.

COMING 2017 to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC!
Watch brand new gameplay and world exclusive developer commentary on Rebellion’s pioneering third person shooter, now remastered for a new generation.

Our friends at Puuba and Akupara Games will be dancing down to E3 to show off our latest collaboration on “The Metronomicon – Slay The Dance Floor”.  Look out for The Metronomicon stand at E3 so you too can boogie down to some sweet sounds at the Indiecade Booth to celebrate the forthcoming release of the game on PS4 and Xbox One.



TickTock Games is hiring! We are looking for Junior and Mid Level Programmers to join the team. Working on a mixed bag of IP most notably Rogue Trooper Redux on Switch, PS4, XB1 and PC Are you an enthusiastic team player, willing to grow and learn, and ready to tackle exciting challenges? If so we’d like to hear from you. Contact us at or catch up with Arden this Thursday at GA-MA-YO 12

Hey everyone

Arden, CEO at TickTock Games Ltd will be out and about for this coming Ga-Ma-Yo #12 taking place in Leeds on Thursday 27th April.

Feel free to come over for a chat and check out our latest projects.

TickTock are delighted to announce we are working with Rebellion to bring Rogue Trooper Redux to the current generation PC, PS4, XB1 and Nintendo Switch.

Check out the official press release and trailer.

After a year of growth and forging new relationships with a range of international partners, TickTock is once again heading off to the Golden City – San Francisco.

Arden and Jon, our Producer, will be there between 25th February and 3rd March 2017 – get in touch if you need a great team for challenging ports and game development. We’re also interested in working with new publishers for our exciting new projects.


TTG will be heading up to Leeds tomorrow night for the 11th Ga-Ma-Yo event. #GMY11
We’re always on the look out for new exciting projects to work on, whether they be ports or collaboration on original IP.

Feel free to catch up with Jon Seymour, or go to