We are excited to announce that TickTock Games has been acquired by our long term partners Rebellion. 2018 was our most successful year so far, but as they say, the best is yet to come. Our new studio name is Rebellion North and we are ramping up to smash it out of the park this year. With a number of new projects well underway, we are looking to expand the team and be heavily involved in further supporting the economy of the North of England. Onwards and upwards, it’s an exciting time for everyone in our region of the world!

Full press release can be found here:
Rebellion Expands to Four Studios with Acquisition of TickTock Games

It’s a great start to 2019 with Goat Simulator charging its way on to the Nintendo Switch. We are proud to announce we’ve partnered with Double Eleven and Coffee Stain to bring this epic game to a new platform. Not only that, but the goaty goodness doesn’t end there, it comes with all the DLC fans have come to know and love as standard. Get your Goat here! It’s been a baaaaaaaaalast working on this game and on that pun we’ll get our goats 😉

Fine out more on the Nintendo eShop:
Goat Simulator: The GOATY on nintendo.co.uk