It’s great to see local young talented pupils showing an interest in the games industry – and although it’s not all glitz and glamour, we know that the passion that students have for games can continue to shine with the support of companies across our region.

We welcomed a pupil today from St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School, North Featherstone. Lily got stuck in immediately by becoming the latest game tester on Rogue Trooper Redux.  After taking out pretty much every Nort in sight with ruthless ease, we were just thankful that it wasn’t us on the battlefield having to fend her off!

After taking the tour of the office Lily saw how animations were put together with our Lead Graphic Artist Ed – getting a sneaky peek at some of our latest ideas!!

So, Lily, what do you think about making games?

“I think it’s pretty hard work to make games, but it looks exciting and maybe something I would like to do in the future!”

Now it’s time for the hard work – getting through all the school exams and being the best you can be!

Good luck!

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